Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a green & beautiful country. It is a peaceful country without any internal or external conflicts. The climate & disease pattern in Bangladesh is exactly similar to that of India. India shares common border with Bangladesh & has very good relations. Traveling from India to Bangladesh may be by air as well as by road including by bus from Kolkata. Traveling can be by train also. Train/ bus fare ranges from 1000-2000 Rs. The capital city Dhaka is the 5th largest city in the world & the most densely populated according to the World Economic Forum.

According to the UN World Happiness Report 2022, Bangladesh has been ranked the 94th among 146 nations. Bangladesh has moved up seven notches in the happiness index ahead of India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

According to the UN World Happiness Report 2022, Bangladesh has been ranked the 94th among 146 nations. Bangladesh has moved up seven notches in the happiness index ahead of India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Bangladeshis are very hard working. After prayer and service to God, hospitality is most sacred to the Bangladeshi spirit. They are good at cooking delicious food and sweets. People are usually happy with their lives. So they will be extremely welcoming and greet you with sincere hospitality. Bengali is the 7th most widely spoken language in the world. Indian food is widely available in Bangladesh & cost of living is same as in India.

The life is quite similar to West Bengal of India in terms of culture, language, and ethnicity. Bangladesh is one of the most culturally rich countries you will ever visit. People emphasize greatly on their traditions and beliefs.

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Does Bangladesh follow all NMC Gazette FMGL Regulations 2021 norms?

Bangladesh follows all NMC criteria for valid MBBS abroad:
  1. Duration: Duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is 5 years (FMGL Section 4a (i) satisfied)
  2. After main MBBS course of 5 years, in Bangladesh there is a 1 year internship in the same medical college (FMGL Section 4a (ii) satisfied)
  3. The structure of internship in Bangladesh is rotational similar to that in India (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (ii)a satisfied)
  4. In Bangladesh apart from main MBBS course, there is 1 year internship which is an inherent part of undergraduate program (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (i)b satisfied)
  5. Medium of instruction in Bangladesh is essentially English (FMGL Section 4a (iii) satisfied)
  6. The subjects, curriculum, books in MBBS in Bangladesh are same as in India (FMGL Section 4a (iv) satisfied)
  7. Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) gives registrationto foreign students after completion of 5 years MBBS + 1 year internship (Refer: https://www.bmdc.org.bd/news-events/202210000001) (FMGL Section 4b satisfied)
  8. The registration given to foreign students by BMDC is at par with the license to practice given to Bangladeshi students (Refer: https://www.bmdc.org.bd/news-events/202210000001) (FMGL Section 4b satisfied)
  9. Curriculum of MBBS in Bangladesh is available in public domain (Refer: https://www.bmdc.org.bd/curriculum-2020) (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (ii)b satisfied)
  10. After completing MBBS program from Bangladesh (5+1 years), students will have to appear National Exit Test (NEXT) in India (FMGL Section 4d)
  11. Indian students are supposed to complete whole MBBS course & internship from the same medical college in Bangladesh (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (iii))
  12. Since Bangladesh offers one of the shortest durations of medical studies, Indian students can finish their studies well within prescribed limits of FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (iv))

MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh is an excellent option for Indian students. It is one of the most affordable MBBS programs abroad for Indian people. The FMGE passing rate of MBBS in Bangladesh, which is considerably higher than in any other country, 27-30%, shows the quality of education at Bangladeshi medical universities. In addition to the quality, the affordability of MBBS in Bangladesh is a plus point.

Students who graduate from the topmost medical colleges in Bangladesh are entitled to take key examinations such as the USMLE, PLAB, FMGE: the screening examination administered by the NMC, and upcoming NEXT exam.

MBBS in Bangladesh - Quick Highlights

All the major information about studying scenario in Bangladesh:
Intake for MBBS Course October- November
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 (PCB) with 50%
IELTS & TOEFL Not Required
NEET Exam NEET eligibility is essential
Minimum Tuition Fee 6600 USD/year
Maximum Tuition Fee 10000 USD/year
Top Medical Universities Dhaka National Medical College
Enam Medical College, Dhaka
Monno Medical College, Monno city
Green Life Medical College, Dhaka
Cost of Living in Bangladesh Rs. 5-10 Thousands/Month
MBBS Course Duration (in Years) 5+1 with Internship
Recognition of Universities NMC & WHO
Medium of Education English language

Advantages of MBBS Study in Bangladesh

Learn about the benefits that medical students in Bangladesh receive:
  • Tremendous patients clinical exposure & hands-on-practise
  •  25% of seats in the topmost medical colleges of Bangladesh are earmarked for Indian students, hence they have more prospects in Bangladesh
  •  If a student is a citizen of a SAARC nation, he or she is exempt from paying tuition for a medicine program in Bangladesh, and must pay only living expenses
  •  The medium of teaching for the MBBS program in Bangladesh is exclusively English; hence, language training is unnecessary
  •  Every major medical university in Bangladesh is accredited by the NMC and WHO, making them globally renowned
  •  In Bangladesh, there is direct admission to the MBBS program without any contribution or capitation fees
  •  The majority of medical schools do not require an entrance exam for MBBS admission
  •  In Bangladesh, MBBS is offered at an affordable cost

After Completing MBBS from Bangladesh

Regarding post-graduation professional prospects for students in Bangladesh:
  • Do postgraduate study in India or overseas
  •  Perform surgical procedures in the hospital
  •  Practice in any public or private hospital
  •  Eligible for exams like USMLE, PLAB, UPSC, IAS
  •  As a professor, provide lectures at medical colleges and hospitals in India
  •  Join government health organizations for the planning of national health issues
  •  Various administrative positions as health officers

Hostel Facilities for Indian MBBS Students in Bangladesh

Every college in Bangladesh provides lodging for international students:
  • The medical schools are exclusively residential
  •  There is a separate & luxurious hostel for girls
  •  Hostels offer a variety of amenities, including a dining room, a television, a gym, and games
  •  The entire hostel complex is equipped with CCTV cameras and security guards, as student safety is a top priority


In Bangladesh, the MBBS curriculum lasts for 5 years.

To be eligible to study in Bangladesh, you must have a grade point average of 60% in physics, chemistry, and biology, pass a 12th-grade English exam, and be at least 17 years old on December31 of the admissions year. Additionally, the Bangladeshi Universities may have a higher cut-off than what the NMC has established. Therefore, in addition to the NMC requirement, read the University requirement. Click Here to View the Qualifications

Yes. In India, the degree is accepted by the NMC/MCI. All state medical boards as well as all foreign nations. Every nation has a procedure in place for approving a foreign medical degree. You must adhere to that procedure. Typically, each nation requires you to take a proficiency test.

Travel from India to Bangladesh by plane, train, or bus. Bangladesh and the majority of India’s major cities are connected by air. Depending on the planning, the travel time is typically less than a day.

Flight tickets can be purchased either online or at counters.

No. Cheaper than any private medical college in India or Nepal. Even though it is less expensive than Georgia, the Philippines, China, and Russia, the primary factors that make it the most affordable MBBS Study Abroad option are No hidden Costs, Cheap travel costs, and Very Low food & living costs.

Yes, after passing the MCI process, you can get employment in India in both private and public hospitals, medical centers, and the healthcare industry.

Bangladesh will be friendlier to you as an Indian than most other nations. It is fairly similar to India in terms of safety.

Refer to each institute’s fee schedule for information on the hostel structure.

A bank loan application is possible. According to RBI regulations, banks may grant up to $20,000 for international schooling. Before approving a loan, banks consider the parent’s income, security, and academic record.

Yes, you can pursue a graduate degree in Bangladesh after receiving your medical degree. Following MBBS and MCI registration in India, you are also eligible to pursue PG studies there.

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