Comparison of MBBS in Georgia vs. MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Georgia MBBS in Russia
Education system is in English. Education system for citizens of former USSR countries is in local language. “English” medium is started just to attract Indian students to raise the funds. Teachers speak broken English because their own education was in Russian language. Reference
International curriculum & books by American authors are followed. Books by local authors are followed. English books are not available because their own citizens study MBBS in local language. Reference
High result in FMGE (MCI Test) Low result in FMGE (MCI Test). Reference
Indian food easily available. It is responsibility of the management to provide Indian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Indian food not available. Agents misguide that Indian mess is available. Some local contractor tries to provide Indian food. It is costly & available only in evening. Students have to cook own food wasting time & energy. Reference
Extremely safe. Separate hostels for boys & girls. 24 hours security. Strict rules. Same hostel for girls & boys. Loose rules. Reference
Easy processing. No barrier exam for admission. Complicated processing. Universities deny admissions based on entrance exam. Reference
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