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MBBS Abroad


The National Medical Council (NMC) of India is a statutory body responsible for overseeing medical education and practice in the country. It was established by an Act of Parliament called the National Medical Commission Act, 2019, which was passed to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI). NMC is responsible for licensing and regulating medical practitioners in India. It maintains a National Register of all licensed medical practitioners in the country. The NMC sets ethical and professional standards for medical practitioners and takes action against those found to be in violation of these standards.

On 18th November 2021 NMC released one gazette name Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021. In which they have states some rules for Foreign Medical Graduates. If the country from which students are pursuing MBBS degree is following all the rules from this gazette then only these MBBS degree is valid in India. Then only then can do practice in India. If the country is not following any one of the rules from the gazette then MBBS degree is not valid in India.

So what are these rules?

  1. Duration: (FMGL Section 4a (i))
    Minimum duration for medical degree is 54 months=4.5 years.
  2. Internship Duration: (FMGL Section 4a (ii))
    Student should undergo an internship for a minimum duration of twelve months in the same foreign medical institution.
  3. The Structure of Internship: (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (ii) a)
    Structure of Internship should be same as Indian Internship which is rotatory internship.
  4. Internship: (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (i) b)
    Internship should be addition part of the main MBBS Program.
  5. Medium of instruction: (FMGL Section 4a (iii))
    Medium of Instruction should be English
  6. Subject and Curriculum: (FMGL Section 4a (iv))
    Curriculum should be same as India
  7. Registration: (FMGL Section 4b)
    Student needs to have registration from Professional Regulatory Body of that country.
  8. Licences to practice: (FMGL Section 4b)
    Registration given to Indian students by professional regulatory body of that country after completion MBBS needs to be at par with the license to practice given to the local students.
  9. Curriculum of MBBS:  (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (ii) b)
    Curriculum of MBBS should be available on website of the institution or university where the course is being pursued at the time of joining the course.


  1. National Exit Test (NExt): (FMGL Section 4d)
    Student needs to clear the National Exit Test or such other mandated test or tests conducted by the Commission.
  2. Students are supposed to complete whole MBBS course & internship from the same medical college.   (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (iii))
  3. Duration of course: (FMGL Schedule I, Section 2 (iv))
    The total duration of the foreign medical graduation course shall be completed within ten years from the date of joining the course.

How to verify if the country is satisfying NMC conditions or not?

Check the website of Professional Regulatory Body of that country

In India NMC (National Medical Council) control medical education like that every country has their own Professional Regulatory body who is responsible for their medical education.

You need to check their official website.

How to check which country follows all NMC rules MBBS abroad?

How to check which country follows all NMC rules MBBS abroad?

Check website of University/college:

You need to check on university website for their medical program and check if they are satisfying all the conditions of NMC or not.

Please visit their official website.

Check the website of Indian embassy in that country:

On embassy website you can check all the rules for medical education.

FMGE performance of countries for last 10 years


2012-14: 21.2%
2015-18: 19.4%
2019: 32.9%
2020: 45%
2021: 45.8%


2012-14: 30.83%
2015-18: 28.2%
2019: 45%
2020: 40.1%
2021: 46.8%


2012-14: 25.5%
2015-18: 35.6%
2019: 30.6%
2020: 20.7%
2021: 35.3%


2012-14: 18.9%
2015-18: 10.6%
2019: 21.6%
2020: 13.8%
2021: 24.9%


2012-14: 0%
2015-18: 0%
2019: 0%
2020: 0%
2021: 0%


2012-14: 24.6%
2015-18: 22.2%
2019: 47.9%
2020: 51.3%
2021: 43.3%


2012-14: 18.4%
2015-18: 8.16%
2019: 21.9%
2020: 13.8%
2021: 24.9%


2012-14: 21.9%
2015-18: 9.3%
2019: 27.6%
2020: 7.1%
2021: 24.3%


2012-14: 18.4%
2015-18: 14.8%
2019: 17%
2020: 5.8%
2021: 13.7%

From 2012 to 2021 only 12 students from Uzbekistan appeared for FMGE and none of them have passed the FMGE.

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