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Nursing jobs in Germany will help you to grow your nursing career and get a chance to work in the world-class health-care infrastructure. It is the largest country & the largest economy in European Union (EU). Germany is world’s 4th largest economy. Being a very beautiful country, Germany is the ninth most visited country in the world. Education in Germany is free & of high quality. It is world’s third leading destination for international study. Germany is a well-developed country with very high scientific & technological development. Germany is leader in cutting-edge research. It is the 3rd country with largest number of Nobep Prize winners.


Germany has world-class health-care infrastructure (compare it with India’s 3 % of GDP expenditure on health-care). Due to post-COVID health-care reforms, there is an acute shortage of nurses in Germany.

Salary for nurses in Germany is more than Rs. 2.5 lakh per month. This salary is for 40 working hours per week. Overtime is paid at a higher rate & is tax free.

Nurses get 1 month paid leave in a year. Excluding expenses Indian Nurses save minimum 40% per month

  • Nurses (BSc, GNM): Golden opportunity in Germany
  • Fresher’s can apply
  • Opportunity for male/female nurses by Government of Germany
  • Earn 2.5 lakh Rs. /month.  Permanent job (not on contract basis)
  • Free language training by German Govt.
  • Free ticket, free visa, and free documentation
  • Get Permanent Residence in 5 years
  • Have multiple benefits like Pension, paid leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, and dependent family visa. Spouse can work in Germany. Free education for kids.


GNM or above (BSc, PBBSc, MSc, PhD) qualification is sufficient to a get nursing jobs in Germany. Age limit is 21 to 42 years. Nurses need to have B2 level of German language certification to work in Germany. We will teach you German language & prepare you for B2 level. This takes around 6 months. When you complete B1 level, an online interview will be arranged with the employer in Germany. Whole documentation (like translation, attestation, notary, appostile, etc.) will be done. After clearing B2 level you can fly to Germany & start working in hospitals there. Please contact us for the details.

Apart from German language exam which nurses can give from India itself, there is no other professional exam required to work in Germany. This is a big advantage in Germany. The documentation, ticket & local support is included in the employment package.


You get PR (permanent residence) in Germany after 5 years. Nursing jobs in Germany gets you benefits like free health care services for your family & free education for children. There are ample opportunities for promotion & salary hike for nurses in Germany. Nurses can invite their spouses after 6 months. Spouses can work as per their fields. Germany is the topmost manufacturer of automobiles (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, etc.) & medicines.

Nurses earn more than Rs. 2.5 lakh per month. Approximately 40% of this is saving. Since salary as well as rate of Euros as compared to Rs. are ever increasing, nurses’ salary & savings in terms of Rs. keep on increasing.

Germany is one of the best & safest countries for women. Germany is the 3rd best country for education & raising the children. Human Development Index (HDI) in Germany is extremely high.

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