Study in United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is made up of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each of these countries has its own distinct culture, legal system, and education system. UK is in the North – West of Europe. UK is the oldest and well-developed democracy.

 London is the capital of UK and the world’s leading financial, cultural, and political centers. It is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and the London Eye.

 The UK has produced some of the world’s most renowned writers including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series), and many others. The UK is and always was at the forefront of the scientific research with scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, Stephen Hawking, Alexander flaming, Alan Turing, Robert Boyle, Humphry Davy, and many many more.

The UK is known for its publicly funded healthcare system, the NHS, which provides FREE healthcare services to residents.

Why study in UK?

  • Institutions consistently ranked amongst the best in the world
  • Post-study work visa
  • World–class education and academic facilities
  • Scholarships available
  • Masters courses with paid placements and internships
  • Opportunity to work part–time i.e. 20 hours per week during study period
  • Opportunity to work full-time i.e., 40 hours per week during holidays
  • Post study work visa of up to 3 years
  • IELTS waiver also available in many universities


UK universities have following major intakes

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Popular and main subject areas

  • Engineering
  • Sciences (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry)
  • Mathematics Science
  • Business management – Many Specializations
  • Computer Science/ IT
  • Law
  • English (Literature, Language, Creative Writing etc.)
  • History
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology etc.)
  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Theology and Religion
  • Philosophy

Types of Test required

  • English language Test
  • Subject specific test

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the United Kingdom can vary depending on location, lifestyle, and personal circumstances. However, international students can expect to pay an average of £1,000-£1,500 per month for living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessities. This can be higher in cities like London, which has a more expensive cost of living. Certainly, international students also need to budget for other expenses such as books, travel, and insurance. It’s also worth noting that students from outside of the EU may be subject to additional costs such as visa fees. To conclude, the cost of living in the UK can also vary depending on the location of the institution. On average, international students can expect to pay around £8,000 to £12,000 per year for accommodation, food, and other expenses.

Part time Jobs

In the United Kingdom, if an international student plans to work while studying, he/she can take up a part-time job as a side hustle, as long as they are enrolled in a full-time course at an accredited institution. The number of hours they can work may be limited by their visa restrictions. Some popular part-time job options for international students include working as a teaching assistant, library assistant, or retail associate. Many universities also have job listings specifically for students on their websites, and students can also find part-time job opportunities through job search websites or by networking with other students and professionals in their field. Along with your studies, students can work in a part-time job, internship or placement and develop valuable skills, which will be supplementary for your CV. Your university may assist in providing placement after your studies.


Brunel University

IELTS – UG: 6 | PG: 6.5

PTE – UG: 59 (min. 59 in each component) | PG: 64 (min. 59 in each component depending on course)

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes

Middlesex University

IELTS – UG: 6 with 5.5 in each | PG: 6.5 with 6 in each

PTE – 59 (with 59 in all components)

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes

University of West London

IELTS –      UG: 6 with minimum 5.5 in each |  PG: 6.5 with minimum 5.5 in each

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes

Academics – UG: 55% depends on board | PG: Minimum 55% required

St. Mary’s University

IELTS – UG: 6 with minimum 5.5 in each module | PG: 6.5 with minimum 6 in each module

Avg. Tuition fee – UG: Below 15 lakh | PG: Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes (CBSE/ICSE 70% with last 5 years, Maharashtra/ Goa/ WB 75%)

Academics – UG: Minimum 70% required |  PG: Minimum between 55% -60%

University of Greenwich

IELTS – UG: 6 with 5.5 in each | PG: 6.5 with 6 in each

PTE – Over 62 with 59 in each component

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes

Liverpool John Moore's University

IELTS – Overall 6 with 5.5 in each

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Available

Academics – UG: Overall 65% with 60 in each | PG: Minimum 55 %

Oxford Brooks University

IELTS – UG: 6 ,PG: 6 – 7 Overall  with 6 in each

PTE – 59 (with 59 in all components)

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Yes

Academics – Min. 55% required for UG and PG

Nottingham Trent University

IELTS – UG: 6 with 5.5 in each | PG: 6.5 with 6 in each

Avg. Tuition fee – Above 15 lakh

IELTS waiver – Above 70% in 12th English

Academics – UG : Minimum 65%  PG : Minimum 55%

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